About Intelligent Linking

Intelligent Linking combines market leading insights and innovative management thinking with unique working methods. Our approach inspires our clients to deliver exceptional value to their customers through a differentiating customer experience.

Our Purpose

We are dedicated to helping you deliver exceptional value to your customers. 

To achieve this we have applied over 30 years consultancy experience and eight years of research and development to produce a unique, tried and tested approach to customer growth.

Intelligent Linking focuses on:

  • The customer purpose of your business (who you are from your customer’s perspective)
  • Ensuring your products or services deliver value to your customers (what you deliver from your customer’s perspective)
  • Providing an exceptional, value-adding, customer experience in line with your customer purpose (how you deliver, from your customer’s perspective)

We describe this approach as 'customer value engineering' because:

  • the analysis stage creates a unique requirement for your business
  • the solution is carefully designed to fit with your specific business need
  • the improvement plan reflects the distinctive challenges and ways of working in your business

The scale and pace of change for your business is adapted to fit with your capacity, capability and culture.

We recognise that the majority of our clients are often fully employed in managing and operating their business day to day with little time to focus on improvement.

Therefore a significant aspect of our approach is designed to help your business generate the capacity and commitment to change. We do this by delivering rapid ‘proof of concept’ sprints (focused development projects) that gradually build momentum for sustainable, often significant, improvement.

We aim to form deep and lasting relationships with our clients. Supporting you through every stage of change. Our commitment to you will remain active until your business potential is fully realised.

Our Difference?

We certainly aren’t unique in thinking we are unique!

However we set ourselves apart from similar consultancies with the following principles:

  • Our methods combine tried and tested, and, new and innovative management development thinking with our own unique approach, Intelligent Linking.
  • We didn’t dream-up this approach in a couple of weeks. Intelligent Linking is the product of many years of research, design, trials, pilots, failures, successes and thousands of hours of effort.
  • We only deliver incremental transformation (continuous improvement / learning organisation) or full re-invention (blue-sky thinking / disruptive change).
  • Forget ‘large-scale transformation programmes’. They simply do not work in todays fast paced business environment.
  • Perhaps another difference is we are pretty ‘straight’ talking .
  • We ‘do it’ with you or help you to ‘do it’ to yourself. We don’t ‘do it’ to you!. Our aim is to help you to learn how to apply the tools, techniques and approaches that we have developed.
  • We don’t want a ‘hit and run’ relationship. We want to become part of your team. You’re in it for the long run and so are we.
  • Finally, we aren't about to spend huge amounts of money marketing our business. We depend on you, our customers, to act as advocates for our services.

When we say “our success is built on your success”, you’ll know we mean it

The Team

Roger Williams – Founder and Managing Director of Intelligent Linking

Tracy Pettingale – Head of Business Operations and Administration

Terry Hewett – Founder and Chairman of Intelligent Linking

Dr Michel Drescher – Director of Intelligent Linking Cloud Services

Dr Vijay Narayanan – Director of Customer Research Services

Dr Leslie Gadman – Senior Adviser and Organisational Psychologist

Professor Victor Newman – Senior Adviser and Innovation Lead

Karina Hulstrom – Senior Adviser and Behavioural Change Specialist

Ben Towers – Senior Adviser and Business Start-up Specialist

Emily Whall – Managing Consultant and Change Management Specialist

Alison Harvey – Managing Consultant and Change Management Specialist

Phil Auden – Managing Consultant and Training Delivery Specialist

Neville Gaunt – Managing Consultant and Organisational Behaviour Specialist

Ben Barratt – Intelligent Linking Relationship Management Apps