We provide managers, leaders and internal or external consultants with the skills, methods and confidence to design and implement authentic customer experiences.

Our training courses build on over 30 years experience of conceiving and implementing truly exceptional customer value with clients.

We offer a range of courses that will suit different needs, capabilities and stages of development. 

All of our courses are open to delegates from a wide range of backgrounds and experience of business.

Our courses can also be provided as ‘in-house’ options if required.

Below is a selection of courses that are currently available. If you have very specific requirements we would love to hear from you in order to create a solution that fully meets your needs.

Introducing Customer Experience

90 minute seminar - Entry Point

In brief
A stimulating introductory seminar that will fire your imagination with ways you can improve your customer’s experience delivered as a breakfast, lunchtime or evening seminar.

Who is it for?
Suitable for all.


We all like to think our business is customer focused, but we also know organisations that succeed and those that fail to deliver an authentic customer experience.

This short seminar is designed to provide the insight and unlock the potential to be a truly exceptional, Customer Centred Business. We introduce unique Intelligent Linking tools and methods, and discuss a range of ways in which your customer’s experience can improve to deliver customer growth.

A stimulating 90 minute seminar that can run as a breakfast or evening seminar or a keynote discussion in a team awayday. This is the perfect start to your Customer Experience Management journey.

The Start Up Seminar

3 Hour Seminar

In brief

  • Ideal preparation for investment or launch pitches.
  • Crystallise thinking and better assess the potential for success
  • Prepare conference and presentation materials
  • Differentiate your business idea from the rest
  • The best possible start for a new business

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs, product managers, marketers or others launching new products, services or businesses.

Tackling the key business start-up challenges for entrepreneurs:

  • What is the customer’s perspective of your business idea?
  • Who are your target customers?
  • How would customers describe the value you provide to them?
  • What kind of customer experience should you provide?

Course includes:

  • Define / clarify the purpose of your business idea
  • Structure your ‘value–proposition’, the product or service you will provide to customers
  • Describe the features and benefits of your business idea
  • Prepare your ‘customer focus’ business plan
  • Prepare to pitch your business ideas to investors and customers

Learn the power of customer focus  from some of the worlds most successful brands.


Ben Towers – CEO Social Marley

   I have a much clearer view of the challenges ahead. This approach has really helped us focus our development efforts on the important actions.   

Ahmed Nuaman – Founder SCOUT

   We better understand our product from our customers’ perspective and have re-shaped our thinking in ways that directly contribute to winning new clients.   

Ben Barratt – CEO Dingur

   Following the initial workshop we have re-structured our App development, and we are now progressing with a much clearer customer focus.   

The Business Growth Seminar

3 Hour Seminar


In brief

  • Create clarity and consistency of your business purpose
  • Incrementally change working practices to align to that purpose
  • Purposefully create customer advocates
  • Help your customer advocates to attract new customers

Who is it for?

Business leaders, managers and consultants seeking to find ways to deliver profitable business growth.

Tackling key business growth challenges for entrepreneurs:

  • What is your customer’s perspective of purpose?
  • How well do your products or services align to your purpose?
  • What kind of customers do you / can you naturally attract?
  • What value do customers apply to your products & services?
  • Does your customer’s experience add value to your products and services?
  • How to create and harness the power of customer advocates?

Course includes:

  • Understand the difference between ‘business’ and ‘customer’ purpose
  • Define your customer purpose and how to apply it to attract customers
  • Align your business products and services to this purpose, ensuring you deliver promised value to customers
  • Evaluate your customer experience and ensure it is aligned to your purpose, and adds value to your products and services
  • Prepare a simple improvement plan, that acts as a proof of concept, and creates momentum for customer growth.
  • A 1-2-1 improvement plan review

Understand the challenges and solutions from a wide range of industries and leaders.


Andrew ClagueClague Architects

   Intelligent linking helped us to engage our professional purpose, which translated into the way we think and work. This quite naturally attracted the kind of customers we wanted, and helped underpin the growth of the firm.   

Rodger Broad – Director South, IoD

   Through working with Intelligent Linking we have been able to better understand the ‘member journey’ as a way to improve member satisfaction and engagement – moving them toward being advocates of all we are doing.   

Stuart Stobie – MD TNT International

   With a relatively low customer perception TNT revitalised its working practices to increase customer value. In the following year TNT was one of the fastest risers in customer satisfaction and loyalty.   

Customer Journey Mapping

In brief
Learn how to define a Customer Journey Map and expose the potential for improvement in Customer Experience Management. This is the first of three seminars in transforming customer experience.

Who is it for?
Leaders, managers and internal / external consultants.

In this course attendees will learn ways to map a customer journey. Previously a rare skill and the domain of marketing, product or service design specialists, we decode and simplify the approach, and show ways to involve people across your organisation for wider engagement and impact.

In our increasingly complex and connected world, the ability to define and implement a desired customer journey is now an essential capability for all leaders and managers.

This course delivers the understanding and insight to shape and influence your Customer Experience Management and provides the foundation for your business growth.

Customer Experience Blueprint

In brief
Learn how to translate a Customer Journey Map into a clear business blueprint that will provide an authentic experience for your customer’s. The second of three seminars in transforming customer experience.

Who is it for
Leaders, managers and internal / external consultants.

A wide range of factors, both internal and external to your organisation, influence your Customer’s Journey. The customer experience blueprint, codifies the ways of thinking (WoT) and ways of working (WoW) that are required to deliver the desired customer journey and has implications for the whole organisation.

This course brings to life ways to develop the Customer Experience Blueprint to simply illustrate how new ways of thinking and working can be used across the organisation.

The implementation of the customer experience blueprint provides the organisation with the consistency and relentless dedication to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

The principles and approach described in this course are applicable and scalable from small, relatively simple organisations to highly complicated diversified organisations.

Customer Experience Delivery

In brief
Learn how to implement a customer experience blueprint and deliver customer satisfaction, loyalty and growth across your organisation. The third of three seminars in transforming customer experience.

Who is it for
Leaders, managers and internal / external consultants.


Many strategic plans fail at the point of implementation. Finding a way to simplify the implementation challenge through structured, iterative and well planned waves of improvement, creates the momentum and early wins that are vital for sustainable and  successful organisational change.

This course covers ways to re-structure, train, incentivise, measure and overall empower staff to deliver the best customer experience they can. Describing a range of implementation strategies that can be adapted to fit your customer, your organisation and your scale and pace of change.

This course delivers an ‘agile’ approach to the delivery of improved customer experience, resulting in customer satisfaction, loyalty and growth.