Intelligent Linking supports your organisation with a proven, novel and sustainable way to improve customer value, leading to customer satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy and business growth.

Our consultants are highly experienced with backgrounds in many industries. We can offer a wide range of consultancy, advisory and coaching services to support you and your business.

We recognise that every customer’s needs are unique and diverse, and the services described here simply serve to illustrate how we can help.

If you want to improve customer value, launch a new business or revitalise the performance of a mature business then we would like to talk to you.

The first step is a free assessment of your current business or business idea.

Consulting Services

1. Advise

We act as coach and mentor to advise you when tackling challenges of customer value, satisfaction, loyalty and growth.

We help you by providing a sounding board to consider options, review or challenge decisions and signpost different ways to improve customer value.

We have expertise, relationships and experience of working on customer focused solutions across a wide range of sectors and geographies, with particular emphasis on business to business and professional services sectors.

We continually invest in, and develop, new tools or ways of thinking and ways of working that underpin our advisory services.

2. Facilitate

We help you deliver highly engaging team events, awaydays and workshops that bring a wide range of stakeholders (including your customers) together to create ways to improve customer value.

We have three categories of  workshop events that are carefully designed to meet your specific business needs. The information below illustrates the kind of workshops or team development events we can deliver:

Discovery Events

Help teams to understand the cause and effect of ways of working

For example:

Customer Purpose
How you want customers to perceive your business

Customer Value Proposition
Understanding the value your products or services generate for your customer

Customer Experience
Understanding the impact of customer experience on customer loyalty and advocacy

Development Events

Help teams to build a response to a challenge or issue

For example:

Customer Journey Mapping
Shaping your customer's journey

Changing the Customer’s Experience
Preparing for new ways of working and thinking

Agile Customer Experience
Developing responsive and adaptive customer teams

Driving Growth
Customer attention, intention and retention

Design Events

Help teams think creatively or innovatively about how the business works

For example:

Services Blueprint
Designing services to deliver customer value

Customer Experience Innovation
Finding new ways to Influence customer behaviour

Customer Engagement Days
Customer led experience design

Innovation Workshops
Creating an ‘investment ready’ start-up or new business idea

We have experience of designing and facilitating events involving 10 to over 200 participants, from one or multiple organisations.  Every event is designed to be fun, informative, engaging and inclusive.

We offer a full range of workshop services with a focus on customer value that include:

  • Event design and planning
  • Event facilitation (including multiple facilitators for larger events)
  • Event write-up and presentation of key findings
  • Finding stimulating and unusual locations
  • Event management

3. Analyse

We provide customer research and analysis services that deliver the evidence base to support your key decisions in developing customer value.

We can design and deliver primary or secondary research and analysis and, through our research centre in Bangalore, we have access to a vast range of information resources that can inform and support your decision-making.

We present research findings in innovative ways applying leading edge tools, presentation techniques and infographics designed to fit your needs and deliver clear insights to your intended audience.

4. Transform

We provide a range of programme and change management services designed to support your business on its journey towards improving customer value.

We offer a safe pair of hands and the experience of having led multiple business change and transformation programmes in a range of small to large, private and public sector organisations.

We apply Intelligent Linking and a leading edge programme and change management methods to ensure programme alignment, and that all resources are clear about their actions and deliverables to achieve on-time, on-cost and on-target delivery of improvement.

We focus on two aspects of business transformation:

Incremental Change

A series of sprints (focused project actions) dedicated to a wider end goal, effectively delivering agile and continuous improvement.

Re-Invention or Disruptive Development

Blue sky, innovative or disruptive change. Re-thinking the business model and rebuilding the business.

We dont recommend ‘one hit’ very large scale transformational change programmes –

We have found this to be unproductive in a modern fast-paced world. The circumstances and reasons for such programmes change vastly during  delivery, and the end point is either never realised, or when achieved no longer delivers the anticipated value.